Meet The Team

Rhiannon - Owner and Creative Director

Wants to know where the best hiking trails are. World Travler in the making. Fleetwood Mac fan. Loves breakfast food. Daydreams about living in the mountains.

Matthew - Owner and Creative Director

Wants to know more about people. Silver Fox in the making, if his hair lasts. Boardgame fan. Loves Jack Honey. Daydreams about having a sword and fighting monsters and space battles..

Shelby - Lead Designer and Best Friend

Wants to know where to get the best coffee. Professional book hoarder in the making. Harry Potter fan. Loves Wiener Dogs. Daydreams about going on adventures with wizards and hobbits.

Caitlin - Fixer of All Things Broken

Wants to know how to grow the best kitchen garden. Loving Family in the making. Huge Disney fan. Loves her nerdy husband. Daydreams about the squeaky white sand beaches of Florida.

Courtney - Head Crafty Lady and Administrator

Wants to know where all the best hiking spots are. Professional home baker in the making. All things nerdy and spooky fan. Loves road trippin. Daydreams about living in Howls Moving Castle.

David - Web Developer

Born in Citrus Heights. Been in Las Vegas since never. Wants to know everything. Composer in the making. Loves Melissa Ortiz. Daydreams about sushi.

Finnegan - Assistant to the Regional Manager

Blue-eyed troublemaker. Wants to know why computer keyboards aren't acceptable beds. Master biscuiteer in the making. Soft Blanket fan. Loves being held like a baby. Daydreams about climbing to the top of the Christmas tree.

Kyteler - Senior Box Inspector

Affection-seeker with an unusual name. Wants to know if there's water in your cup. Guard cat in the making. Loves snuggling, especially on people's faces. Daydreams about catching the elusive red dot.

Bruce - Purrformance Review Specialist

Death dealing cuddle monster. Wants to know why he is on a diet. Secret Agent in the making. Outdoors fan. Loves when the dog can't get outside. Daydreams about that time he clawed through the food bag.

Willow - Chief Barketing Manager

Paw hugging attention seeker. Wants to know where we go without her. Cat in the making. Belly Rub fan. Loves when you throw the ball. Daydreams about how small the cats will get.

Enough about us...what about you?

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