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Our friends, Alicia and Chris Purdum, otherwise known as Orange Soda Photo, recently gave birth to a studly fellow named Wyatt AKA #wyattsixgun. The Purdums couldn’t be more deserving of such happiness! We got to meet the little guy recently when the family stopped by our Las Vegas boutique looking for some special decorative paper to wrap a couple unique photo albums they custom build for their clients.

But before the young man showed his face, the Purdums celebrated with a baby shower at Canyon Gate Country Club in Las Vegas. Let’s hear it from the proud parents themselves:

“We were very honored to have so many wonderful friends come and celebrate the coming of our first born. Tara with Scheme Events, along with Keri from Canyon Gate Country Club and the lovely Amelia of Amelia C and Co. put together a wonderful affair that involved mustaches and bow ties. Of course, Alicia took it upon herself to sew 30 bow ties, and some very cool cards with instructions on how to tie them (no easy feat) was done up right by Brooke and Micheal Coxen of the always intrepid Paper and Home. Butter cream goodness was on hand by none other than the fabulous people at Retro Bakery and bright florals were from the excellent people at Flora Couture.

We wanted to thank everyone who helped, and who attended, from the bottom of our hearts.”

How To Tie a Bow Tie Stationery

Baby Shower Idea Mad Libs for Guests

Baby Shower Flowers by Flora Couture

Wyatt Letters

Cupcakes by Retro Bakery

Boy's Baby Shower Decor by Scheme Events

Bow Tie Decor



  1. I would love to have these little bow ties and cards for my baby shower which is June 14th. How much do you charge to do 30? – Chan

    1. Thank you for reaching out, Chan! Unfortunately, we would not be able to deliver in time for your June 14th baby shower. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  2. Hi I love all the baby shower items and want to make a Name like the one here (WYATT) in baby blue. Can you tell me where the letters came from and how they are attached to each other? Thank You.

    1. Hi Donna! We designed and printed the bow-tie stationery and guest madlibs. Our client supplied those WYATT letters themselves, but I’m not sure where they got them and how they’re attached. I will introduce you to them over email, I’m sure they’d be happy to help. – Michael

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