This was a fun concept that one of our great clients brought to us—elegant tented menu cards for her wedding. Usually, these types of menus are reserved for a more casual setting like a bake shop or café. This client had a vision to take that idea, but classy it up for her wedding reception tables. We love a challenge, and we love making our clients happy even more, so our design team stepped up! We created a classic monogram, incorporated ornate design elements and fonts, and utilized a beautiful blend of blues. The casual concept with classic design was a winning combination and made for such a unique wedding accessory!

Elegant Tented Menu Card

An elegant tented menu card is not a phrase we use often, but we can see this catching on. It’s especially appropriate for cocktail hour. Imagine a room of high boy tables each with their own tented menu cards. Perhaps with his and hers specialty cocktails for the evening. We can just see the photos now!



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