In the midst of this uncertain season, postponing a wedding that has been in the works for a while is not an easy task to take on. Here are some tips to help make this process easier…

1. Consider having your wedding & reception on two separate dates

While this is not the ideal situation (like any of this is – lol) it still allows you to keep a special date while having friends and family celebrate with you. Consider doing things like Facebook Live or a Zoom meeting so that family and friends can celebrate with you from afar.

2. Put anything you possibly can on hold

Once you’ve decided your plan of action, quickly contact your caterer, florist, wedding stationery creator, and other vendors to help curb costs. We are all navigating this together and everyone is here to help!

Don’t forget to notify all of your vendors regarding your new date as soon as possible.

3. Identify your vip guests & put them into categories

We all have certain people we imagine being a part of our big day. Contact those people first – a quick email, text, or phone call to let them know your updated plans and that you still want them involved.

Remaining guests can be contacted by a bridal party member – this is where having an organized list comes in super handy! Delegate sections of the list to your bridal party and let them notify your guests.

Paper is still important (hint, hint)! While everyone may have gotten word the date has been moved, sending a reminder is always helpful. Talk with your stationery experts to find out cost effective ways to send this information out.

4. Let people help! 

During this time of uncertainty, it is easy to try and control everything we possibly can. However, turning pieces of the replanning process over to the experts can help reduce your stress. 

As a stationery and graphic design studio, we are here to assist our numerous couples with re-save the dates, new invitations, wording inspiration, and anything else to lend a helping hand during this unpredictable time.  



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